VITA Easyshade Cash Rebate Program

Please select on the webinar below and then complete the form to register. You must have your VITA Easyshade serial number and purchase information available to register.

VITA Easyshade V

For a limited time only purchase your  VITA Easyshade V and register below to attend a live shade management webinar. We will mail you a $500 check after webinar completion.

Easyshade® V – Evidence Based Shade Accuracy

Most, if not all of us, have studied the research and have a strong understanding of what truly matters when determining a patient shade: proper lighting, strong communication with your lab counterpart, and now electronic devices that cannot be fooled by tricks of light and digital photography for precise characterization.

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For additional questions, e-mail: or call 800-828-3839 ext. 233 in the US or 800-263-4778 ext. 233 in Canada

*VITA North America reserves the right to manage registration and present your live webinar using a third-party presentation company. The registration process will require an internet connection, active email address and additional mailing details for your cash rebate as well as the serial number from your VITA Easyshade device. At no point will your information be shared with other parties outside of VITA North America or VITA.